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26 Secrets of Feng Shui
26 Secrets of Feng Shui
26 Secrets of Feng Shui
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26 Secrets


Feng Shui



Although Feng has been practiced in the Eastern hemisphere for thousands of years,

it is relatively new to western civilization. Feng Shui may seem mysterious and

foreign to our western culture, but it is actually a very sensible collection of ideas

and actions. Once you understand its principles, you will be able to produce harmony,

comfort and balance in almost any situation or environment.

26 Secrets has been put together to simplify Feng Shui so that everyone can understand

and work with its principles to balance their lives and make way for more money, love,

health and happiness. Some of these tips will help bring these things to you, while others

will make it easier to hold on to money, romance and health once they’re in your hands.

When you energize the various parts of your home, your life will improve and you will

start to attract more abundance and happiness.

Begin to think of balance in all things. For example, you must activate your career and

benefactor sections so that you can be a magnet for exposure to opportunities and people

who will help you get ahead. It will be easier for you to invite wealth when you have a

happy love life. And if you are loved, you are more likely to stay healthy and attain the

kind of wealth that stays with you.

Before you begin, critically evaluate all areas of your home, examining each and every

room inside as well as outside of the house.

Knowing your Kua number will help you better understand your element, your best colors

and your best directions for improving your life. These are all tools to help you attain

your goals.

26 SECRETS will help you decorate your home to improve your health, increase your

wealth and find overall harmony. The "secrets" herein is just a glimpse of what you can

do to improve your life.

If you’ve heard about Feng Shui and are intrigued, we think this little book will help you

get started with the greatest of ease.

Love and best wishes for success,


SHENG CHI - According to the ancient Chinese theory about the universe, there

are several different sources of energy that move in and around us. Sheng Chi

energy is the good healthy, prosperous, happy energy. You have Sheng Chi when

you are positive and all good things are flowing your way. You can feel when

there is good Sheng Chi energy in a place. You feel as though you could stay there

forever. It is light and airy. When you live an uncluttered life with fresh flowers,

lush green plants, bright cheerful sunshine flowing in your place you know you

are in good Sheng Chi energy.

SHA CHI - When everything in your life is going in the wrong direction or you feel

unhappy and angry, you are in Sha Chi energy. You may be associating with the

wrong people, living in the wrong place or connecting to poison arrows coming

in your direction. This type of energy drains you and causes you to become ill.

Living on land with underground water also causes Sha energy. Poison arrows

are the corners of other buildings pointing at your front door or pointing in your

direction where you work all day. It is a place where the earth is depleted and

the vegetation is poor, where animals are sick and people are impoverished. You

have Sha Chi when you are down and depressed.


Example (Chapter 1 begins....)

An attractive entrance to your home or office will encourage good ch’i, or energy,

to enter. If you can arrange your front door so that it faces your overall harmony

or great prosperity direction, it will help bring in wealth, love and happiness. As

all energy enters through your front door, it is important to keep things away from

the door so the door will be free to open without problems.

Make sure your front door is not broken, and opens smoothly. A broken door or

one that is hard to enter is the worst kind of energy to start with. Your door size

should not be too large or too small relative to the size of the house. If the western

world had practiced feng shui from the beginning, we could have avoided much of

the trouble we have today in our personal lives as well as in our work or business.

I have seen many front doors of homes face a

solid wall immediately upon entering. The

main door should not open inside onto a solid

wall within three feet of the open door. The

only thing you can do is to place a mirror

here so that upon entering, the space looks

larger. This is not an ideal solution, as it is not

good to have a mirror reflecting the front

door, but it is better to have a mirror here if

the space is too tight for comfort.

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Feng Shui

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