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ANCIENT MAYAS Sun Kingdoms of the Americas
ANCIENT MAYAS Sun Kingdoms of the Americas
ANCIENT MAYAS Sun Kingdoms of the Americas
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Sun Kingdoms of the Americas #3


first published in 1957

Published as an Electronic Book (eBook)

by 8bitDownloads Publications 2007


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MAYA volume #3 is 208 illlustrated PDF pages

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For the first time in three volumns, here is the splendor and magnificence of

 the Azetcs, Mayas, and the Incas - the three pre-Columbian peoples whose

accomplishments once rivaled the culture and civilizations of Europe itself.


These are books to be treasured by all lovers of archaeology,

by all who stir at tales of exploration and adventure,

by all who thrill to the romance of vanished civilizations

re-created through the power of an author's knowledge and insight.


Here are tales of ruthless conquest - Cortes is Mexico, Montejo in the

Yucatan peninsula, Pizarro in Peru.  Here are accounts of imperial

 princes and their stately cities, from the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan

to the Inca fortress of Machu Picchu.  And here are the strand and

wonderful beliefs, customs, dances, and religious rites of three mature

American civilizations that time and the hand of man were almost to

blot out from human memory. 


The eventual rediscovery of these Sun Kingdoms, as pioneers

such as Humboldt, Stephens, and Catherwood

penetrated to the lost cities in the jungles,

provides the rewarding fascination of a true-to-life detective story. 

And it is a story whose solution, in Victor von Hagen's expert hands,

brings alive the very stuff of which daily life in the Americas was made

 before the Europeans came.


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