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Autobiography of CHARLES DARWIN
Autobiography of CHARLES DARWIN
Autobiography of CHARLES DARWIN
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The Autobiography



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38  page typewritten single spaced pdf electronic book


The Autobiography of Charles Darwin

From The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin

Edited by his Son

Francis Darwin



My habits are methodical, and this has been of not a little use

for my particular line of work. Lastly, I have had ample leisure

from not having to earn my own bread. Even ill-health, though it

has annihilated several years of my life, has saved me from the

distractions of society and amusement.

Therefore my success as a man of science, whatever this may have

amounted to, has been determined, as far as I can judge, by

complex and diversified mental qualities and conditions. Of

these, the most important have been--the love of science--

unbounded patience in long reflecting over any subject--industry

in observing and collecting facts--and a fair share of invention

as well as of common sense. With such moderate abilities as I

possess, it is truly surprising that I should have influenced to

a considerable extent important points.

Charles Darwin


You will understand the process of Darwin's thinking with this autobiography. 

Darwin spent as much minute detail recalling his life as he did with his studies.

Gain an insight on a character that changed the world thinking.


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