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Boy Mechanic THINGS TO MAKE #1 of 3
Boy Mechanic THINGS TO MAKE #1 of 3
Boy Mechanic THINGS TO MAKE #1 of 3
Item#: boy-mechanic-things-to-make-1-of
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Boy Mechanic


first published in 1945

Published as an Electronic Book (eBook)

by 8bitDownloads Publications 2007


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* I = book #1   II = book #2  III = book #3

* Book 1, 2 and 3 are sold seperately @ $2.95 each


Aerial Clubhouse I.

Air Rifle

target for II.

target is self-setting II.

Aluminum -sheet, from cookie sheets III.

Amusement Devices -junior carnival II.


homemade arrows III.

inner tube protects wrist III.

Auto Repairing -radiator grill straightened I.


Baseboards -filling cracks at I.

Bathers' Floats I.

Bead -stringing simplified I.

Bicycle Trailer -telescoping I.


bags on handlebars I.

bowl cover for seat I.

loading platform for delivery work III.

rack, a I.

saddle boxes improve I.

small, made from tricycle I.

take care of your bike I.

"tarpaulin"on basket III.

wheels trued on stand III.

Biloxi Dinghy -building I.

Bird Houses

bird huts and hotels I.

ladder hoist swings birdhouses on pole II..Boats

oars converted to carrier I.

sliding basket under deck as locker I.

Bobsled -"Snowliner" " II.

Book Binder -holds magazines III.

Boots -hip, held by clothespin III.

Boys -room and museum I.

Brass -simplified tapping I.



big, takes small pictures III.

"Jiffy"enlargers III.

leather case to carry III.

view finder for box I.

Canary -cork and pin hold tidbits I.

Canoe -build your own I.

Carpet -stair, how to make last longer III.

Casein Glue -eggbeater used on III.

Chimney -one-piece cap I.


drag brake for III.

hub on disk-type coaster wheel repaired III.

Coin -held in envelope with cardboard III.


Dog -leash kept in case riveted or sewed on collar I.

Door Stop -donkey guards door III.

Drafting -finding center of circle without rule

or compass , III.

Drawer -has handles for carrying III.

Drawing Table -drop front of cabinet forms I.

Drills -held in can of lead shot II.


Electrical Apparatus -electrical indicator blinks

wind speed and direction III.

Electrical Toys -simple models III.

Electrical Wiring -electrical shoehorn is useful

when handling insulated wire I


Fence -safety, salt freezes cable to ice boxes III.


handy container for fishlines II.

holder for jar of salmon eggs III.

hook kept from snagging I.

Flag ----basket prevents soiling III.

Fountain Pen -how to repair old III.

Fruit Jar ----handy dispenser from III.



"balloon dodger"hoop I.

bowling, return ball alley tests skill III.

camel derby III.

checkers played w/marbles on book shaped board. III.

crazy top III.

croquet equipment in portable rack III.

racing greyhounds III.

rope as marble ring indoor III.

"swing ball" III.

Garden -windmills for I.

Goggles ----repairing frames II.

Golf -on card tables III.


Hair Drier ----improvised III.

Hand Press

for Junior III.

for type or linoleum cuts III.

Hat ----held on wall III.

Home Movie ----stage from shoe box III.

House Numbers ----new I.


Ice Boat (Model) II.

Ice Glider ----lightweight II.

Ice Yacht ----"Whizz" class E II.


Kites ----new thrills to flying III..L

Labels -sun and rainproof for plants III.

Ladder -non-slip feet III.

Lead Pot -headlamp reflector concentrates heat III.

Loom -for Indian bead wink III.

Lumber -taking thin cut I.



disappearing coin trick III.

vanishing red ink III.

Mailboxes -porch I.

Mechanical Artist - draws endless designs III.

Midget Car -run by gas engine I.

Midget Racer -bicycle motor runs I.

Midget Trailer I.

Miniature Film -printer for III.

Model Making

carving tool has interchangeable blades III

trouser hanger as glue clamps II.

tweezers from toothpicks II.

Model Racing Yacht

riggings for II.

Zip - a marblehead class II.

Model Speedboat -Sea Bee -a II.

Models: Airplanes

glass beads provide bearings III.

motor cranked with mechanical starter I.

motor cylinders imitated with capsules III.

snap wings for II.

tools for modeler II.

Models: Automobiles -wheels attached with

snap fasteners III.

Models: Railroad

mail-pouch catcher III.

switches close automatically III.

tongs right derailed cars II.

track layout II.

Models: Ships -cargo steamer III.

Motor Scooter -"power mouse" I.

Motorcycle -replacing chain I.


Office -changing typewriter ribbon .


Paper Cones -hold bottle cap to serve coffee .

Party Tricks -simple .

Penny Bank -from rubber ball .

Photo Printer -has automatic switch .

Photo Stamps -personalize letters with .


electric heater as flash gun .

enlarger for 35 mm. film .

enlarging easel .

extension wire finder assures sharp focus .

films and prints in dish rack over register for

drying .

negative dryer .

"oyster ringtl effects on ferrotyped prints

avoided .

picture hooks hold background .

trays for prints are acid proof .

wire holder adapts single filter to lenses .

Picnic Table -knock down .

Picture Projector -dual purpose .

Pigeons -wooden snakes scare .

Plane -rubber ball as pads for .


backyard slide for children .

ocean ro merry-go-roun .

sleep ease, a .


for children .

wallboard,a .

Pressed Wood -screws held by cellulose cement .

Prick Punch -improvised .

Pump -ornamental .

Puzzle -ring-and-yoke .



fixed crystal bicycle receiver II.

Little Giant receiver II.

parts for crystal sets II.

six-volt blinker and code oscillator II.

"Veep" ac/dc broadcast receiver II.

Row Boat -12 foot I.

Ruler -guide wire to make straight lines with brush II.


Sailboat -small I.


improvised from spoon I.

to weigh chemicals III.


folds for storage III.

sidewalk III.

Screen Door -bobby pin holds card III.

Scrollsawing -clamp holds work for III.

Seesaw -kept from tipping I.

Sewing Box -accessory drawer in one end I.

Shopping Bag -how to carry III.

Shuffleboard Court -for game room III.

Sidewalk locomotive II.

Silhouettes -jointed pony as model I.

Sketching Board -drawer provides support for III.

Skiing -good turns mark good skiers II.

Slide Projector -miniature I.

Snow Bike -for thrilling ride '" II.

Soap Carving -wire knives for II.

Stilts -adjustable in height III.

Stove -spring improves lid lifter III.


Taxidermy -mounting small animals II.

Tea -how to flavor III.

Telephone -for junior electrician III.

Tent -peg less sun, for children II.

Tie Rack -one-piece folds flat III.

Tile --enameled, how/to clean II.

Tool Box -for small tools III..Toys

balloon-powered, action III.

balloons inflated with illuminating gas I.

electric target III.

magnetic theater III.

mousetrap supplies "fire power"for cannon III.

oarsman works rowboat III.

paddle-wheel toys III.

stored in drawer III.

super bean shooter III.

tacks simulate eyes on cotton-stuffed animals III.

wood penguin III.

Traceograph -aids in sketching III.

Tricycle -trailer hitch for I.


Vibro-Fiddle -played with electricity III.

Vines -fence-wire trellis for I.


Wall Shelves -three I.

Water Bug -beach play boat I.

Water Sports I.

Weather Vanes

homemade " I., III.

waterside, is self-oiling III.

Wheelbarrow -bridge over hose I.

Wheels -what you can do with II.

Wieners -six prong fork for II.

Windmills -for garden I.



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