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Discovery Collection POLITICAL Secret Societies eBook
Discovery Collection POLITICAL Secret Societies eBook
Discovery Collection POLITICAL Secret Societies eBook
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Discovery Collection



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I. CHINESE SOCIETIES 513. Earliest Secret Chinese Societies. 514.More

recent Societies. 515. Lodges. 516. Government. 517. Seal of the

Hung League. 518.The Ko lao Hui

II. The COMUNEROS 519. Introductory Remarks. 520. Earliest Secret

Societies in Spain. 521. Freemasonry in Spain, the Forerunner of the

Comuneros. 522. The Comuneros. 523. Clerical Societies

III.THE HETAIRIA 524. Origin. 525. The Hetairia of 1812, The

Hetairia of 1814.  527. Signa and Passwords.  528. Short Career of

Galatis.  529, Proceedings of the Grand Arch.  530. Ipsilanti's Pro-

ceedings.  531. Ipsilanti's Blunders.  532. Progress of the Insurrection.

533.  Ipsilanti's Approaching Fall,  534.  Advance of the Turks.  535.

Ipsilanti's Difficulties.  536.  Ipsilanti's Fall.  537.  Ipsilanti's Manifesto.

538.  Ipsilanti's Imprisonment and Death.  539.  Fate of the Hetairists.

540.  Georgakis' Death.  54 Farmakis'Death.  542.  Final Success of

the Hetairia 8-15

IV.THE CARBONARI -  543.  History of the Association.  544.  Real Origin of

the Carboneria.  545.  The Vendita or Lodge.  546.  Ritual of Initiation.

547.  First Degree.  548.  The Second Degree.  549.  The Degree of

Grand Elect.  550.  Degree of Grand Master .Grand Elect.  551.  Signification

of the Symbols.  552,  Other Ceremonies and Regulations.

553.  The Ausonian Republic.  554.  Most Secret Carbonaro Degree.

555.  De Witt,Biographical Notice of.  556.  Carbonaro Charter pro-posed

to England.  557.  Carbonariam and Murat.  558.  Trial of

Carbonari.  559.  Carbonarism and the Bourbons.  560.  The King's

Revenge.  561.  Revival of Carbonariam.  562.  Carbonariam and the

Church.  563.  Carbonarism in Northern Italy.  564.  Carbonariem in

France.  565.  Carbonarism in Germany.  566.  Carbonarism in Spain.

567.  Giardiniere


569.  Guelphs and Carbonari.  570.  The Latini,  571.  The Centres.  572.

Italian Litterateurs.  573.  Societies in Calabria and the Abruzzi.  574.

Giro Annichiarico.  575.  Certificates of the Decisi.  576.  The Calderari.

577.  The Independents.  578.  The Delphic Priesthood.  579.  Egyptian

Lodges.  580.  American Hunters.  581.  Secret Italian Society in

London.  582.  Secret Italian Societies in Paris.  583.  Mazzini and

Young Italy.  584.  Mazzini, the Evil Genius of Italy.  585.  Assassination

of Rossi.  586.  Sicilian Societies.  587.  The Consistorials.  588.

The Roman Catholic Apostolic Congregation.  589.  Sanfedisti


Philadelphians.  591.  The Rays.  592.  Secret League in Tirol.  593.

Societies in Favour of Napoleon.  594.  The Illuminati.  595.  Various

other Societies.  596.  The Accoltellatori

VII. FRENCH SOCIETIES 597.  Various Societies after the Restoration.

598.  The Acting Company.  599.  Communistic Societies.  600.  Causes

of Secret Societies in France

VIII. POLISH SOCIETIES 601.  Polish Patriotism.  602.  Various Revolu-tionary

Sects.603.  Secret National Government

IX. THE OMLADINA 604.  The Panslavists

X. TDBKISH SOCIETIES 605.  Young Turkey.  606.  American Society

XI. THE UNION OF SAFETY 607.  Historical Sketch of the Society

XII. THE NIHILISTS 608.  Meaning of the term Nihilist.  609.  Founders

of Nihilism.  610,  Sergei Nechayeff.  611.  Going among the People.

612.  Nihilism becomes Aggressive.  613.  Sophia Bardina's and other

Trials.  614.  The Party of Terror.  615.  Vera Zassulic,  616.  Officials

Killed or Threatened by the Nihilists  617.  First Attempts against the

Emperor's Life.  618.  Numerous Executions.  619.  The Moscow Attempt

against the Emperor.  620.  Various Nihilist Trials.  621.  Explosion in

the Winter Palace.  622.  Assassination of the Emperor.  623.  The Mine

in Garden Street.  624.  Constitution said to have been Granted by

late Emperor.  625.  The Nihilist Proclamation.  626.  The Emperor's

Reply thereto.  627.  Attempt against General Tcherevin.  628.  Trials

and other Events in Coronation,and Causes of Nihilistic

Inactivity.  630.  Colonel Sudeikin shot by Nihilists.  631.  Attempt

against the Emperor at Gatshina.  632.  Trial of the Fourteen.  633.

Reconstruction of the Nihilist Party.  634.  Extension of Nihilism.

635.  Decline of Nihilism.  636.  Nihilistic Proceedings in 1887.  637.

Nihilism in 1888  .638.  Slaughter of Siberian Exiles,and Hunger-Strikes.

639.  Occurrences in 1890.  640.  Occurrences from 1891 to

Present Date.  641.  Nihilistic Finances.  642.  The Secret Press.

643.  Nihilistic Measures of Safety,  644.  The Nihilists in Prison.

645.  Nihilistic Emigrants.  646.  Nihilistic Literature.  647.  Trials of Nihilists

XIII. GERMAN SOCIETIES 648.  The Mosel Club.  649.  German Feeling

against Napoleon.  650.  Formation and Scope of Tugendbund.  651.

Divisions among Members of Tugendbund.  652.  Activity of the

Tugendbund.  653.  Hostility of Governments against Tugendbund

XIV. THE BASIS 654.  Bab, the Founder.  655.  Progress of Babism.

656.  Babi Doctrine.  657.  Recent History of Babism

XV. IRISH SOCIETIES 658.  The White-Boys.  659.  Right-Boys and Oak-Boys.

660.  Hearts-of-Steel,Threshers,Break-of-Day-Boys,Defenders,

United Irishmen,Ribbonmen.  661.  Saint Patrick Boys.  662.  The

Orangemen.  663,  Molly Maguires.  664.  Ancient Order of Hibernians.

665.  Origin and Organisation of Fenianism.  666.  Origin of Name.

667.  Fenian Litany.  668.  Events from 1865 to 1871.  669.  The Soi-

disant General Cluseret.  670.  Phoenix Park Murders, and Conse-quences.

671.  Dynamite Outrages,  672.  The National League.  673.

Comic Aspects of Fenianism.  674.  Events from 1888 to 1896.  675.

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