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How to Build a Tesla Coil
How to Build a Tesla Coil
How to Build a Tesla Coil
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How to Build a Tesla Coil 



Electrical fantasies with a Tesla coil

IT JUST SITS there spitting fire, like a fugitive from a mad scientist's laboratory. The current it's discharging-in a wicked,

noisy 2-in. brush is of such a high frequency you can't measure it, but maybe it runs up to 40,000 volts! Feeling just a bit suicidal,

you move a coin toward this geyser of fire. The greedy tentacles snatch toward it, but there's no shock. Even if you poked a finger

into the brush, the current would just splash over your skin.

Ever since Nikola Tesla invented a high-voltage, high frequency coil, science experimenters have been intrigued with their

own variations on his coil. In Tesla's time, high-frequency current was obtained with an induction coil as a primary source of

power. Leyden jars served as capacitors, with a spark gap and the inductance of a second coil combining to form an oscillatory

discharge of high frequency. With today's vacuum tubes and mica capacitors, we can make a much more efficient and safer coil.*

* Excert from Popular Machanics 1968

Wow! Yes, that’s right, wow! You can pull electricity directly from the Earth. Tesla discover the method and it worked during his time in the early 20th Century. You too can make it happen! Discover the technique and put it to work for you. Be the star at the next county fair.

This is such a simple operation, the instructions take only 5 pdf pages. Full of diagrams and photos of the Tesla Coil actually in operation!


I, the seller, ThreeMileStation, have been an avid collector of Tesla writings.

This is the first of the trilogy titled ‘How to Build a Tesla Coil’.

The complete works are offered by this Store.

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