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How to Build and Fly MODEL AIRPLANES
How to Build and Fly MODEL AIRPLANES
How to Build and Fly MODEL AIRPLANES
Item#: how-to-build-and-fly-model-airplanes
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First ever true historical PDF recreation of the famous 1928 publication

How to Build and Fly


69 PDF pages including all diagrams, plans, drawings and illustrations.

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Here, for the first time is an exact copy

of the original 1928 publication,

How to Build and Fly Model Airplanes.

This publication includes 11 pages of construction kits, 1928 prices.

 A History of Aviation (up to 1928)

Airplane Types to the Present Day (1928)

How and Why Airplanes Fly (fantastic illustrations!)

Descriptive Terms Used in Aeronautics (3 full pages)

How Model Airplane Building and Flying Teaches Principles of Aeronautics

How to Build and Fly

'The Baby Glider'

'The Twin Racer'

Scale-Reduction Models of Famous Airplanes

Wood for Model Making

Ideal Propellers

Fibre Racing Propellers

Ideal Wood Ribs

Propeller Shaft Hangers

Ball Bearing Propeller Shafts

Motor Gears

Miniature Rubber-Tired Wheels

Friction Winder, Axles, Running Gear, Turnbuckles, Screws, Wire, Veneers, Brass Tubing,

Rubber Strands, Fabric, Varnish, Liquid Cement, and the Tools needed.


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