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How to Catch a Man do-it-yourself Manual by Ann Bunting
How to Catch a Man do-it-yourself Manual by Ann Bunting
How to Catch a Man do-it-yourself Manual by Ann Bunting
Item#: how-to-catch-a-man-doityourself-manual-by-ann-bunting
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How to Catch a Man 

a do-it-yourself Manual

 by Ann Bunting

131 page PDF electronic book (eBook) 

3,663 KB Instant Download


To Male Readers: RUN FOR COVER!

To Female Readers: Beware! Read these pages to the end before using.


To BOTH: CAUTION... Do not use in excess of

remmended dosage. Could be habit-forming.

Too much is enough. Keep in a cool place.


Here, in How to Catch a Man, are thirty-two recipes for arriving at

this eminently to-be-desired result ... a new type of do-it-yourself book.

These recipes are couched in the form of fictitious - we hope -characters,

who tried them all, with varying consequences.


Who can fail to respond to such names ad Daisy Dokes or Gromiko

Gayheart? Who can long remain unstirred by the lure of locales like

Big Stuff, Tex., or Rough Gulch, Ky.?


If the reader can stop laughing long enough to think, she - or he -will

discover the sound advise of a sage under the rollicking,

slapstick casing.  Both male and female students would do well to

ponder these histories seriously before choosing the recipe indicated

to blast the roadblocks off the highway of true love.


The second part of the book, How Not to Get Caught, consists of a

series of antidotes to be administered to the man who is being hunted

... twenty-two cases of bachelors who snatched at different kinds of

bait - and almost got hooked. Considering the drastic character of

their escapes, sometimes it would seem to be an impartial bystander

that things might have been better if some of the victims had been caught.


The author does not agree with Shakespeare that "hanging and

waiving go by destiny." Emancipated women, she feels, can

persuade men to commit matrimony, if they have proper instructions.


"All a girl needs," opines Ann Bunting, "is a handy pocket how-to-manual."


And here it is.

This is a book of nonsense built on shrewd evaluations of

human nature ... in other words, it is farce based on fact.

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How to Catch a Man by Ann Bunting
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