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How to RETIRE to FLORIDA everything you need to know
How to RETIRE to FLORIDA everything you need to know
How to RETIRE to FLORIDA everything you need to know
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How to



237 PDF pages

___________________  a true image recreation, first published in 1947  ___________________

One of the most successful publications in 20th Century history.

How Florida transformed almost overnight after this publication in 1947.

While real estate prices may have changed, and there are more attractions

in Florida now than ever, this publication is still an important guide to


Floridians may find this publication nostalgic, still HOW TO RETIRE IN FLORIDA

is the last word on :Florida real estate conditions.

In this revised edition of a popular plan-book for people considering retirement. It is

based on a survey among hundreds of families from 27 different states who

have already made Florida their retirement home. Social security, insurance,

annuity plans and retirement funds are fast creating a new U. S. populationolder

people retired on moderate but steady incomes. How to Retire to

Florida is intended for people who would rather move into a rich new life than

cling to a life of dwindling interest in a spot determined by accident of birth

or pressure of earning a living.

Among the hundreds of specific suggestions,. whether you are planning immediate

retirement or wisely looking ahead a few years, are: the ready cash

you need, the steady income you need, how to explore Florida, the Florida real

estate situation, when and how to move, what to take and what to leave behind,

how to build or buy the right kind of a house for Florida, how costs compare in

different sections, where you'll find your kind of fishing, what fruits and vegetables

you can raise-and how, the economies of Florida life, what retired northerners

like and dislike about the various sections of Florida where they live,

the recreational facilities of various areas of the state,

and how Florida may benefit your health.



PART ONE: Introduction

1. A Fresh Start in Florida

PART TWO: Choosing Your Section of Florida

2: Exploring Central Florida

3: Exploring West Coast Florida

4: Exploring Southeast Florida

5: Exploring Northeast Florida

6: Health for Older People in Florida

7: Florida Fishing Questions and Answers

8: A Little Garden or a Little Farm

9: The Sights to See in Florida

PART THREE: Obtaining Your Florida Home

10: Florida Real Estate Today

II: If You Want to Build

12: Life in the Trailer Camps

PART FOUR: The Mechanics of Moving

13: How to Move

14: What to Take

PART FIVE: Planning Your Florida Budget

15: Your Florida Income

16: Economies of Florida Life

PART SIX: Case Histories

17: Report from Florida


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