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Mr. Wizards Science Secrets by Don Herbert
Mr. Wizards Science Secrets by Don Herbert
Mr. Wizards Science Secrets by Don Herbert
Item#: mr-wizards-science-secrets-by-don-herbert

Mr. Wizard's
Science Secrets
by TV's Famous
Don Herbert
"Over 150 Mystifying Experiments
You Can Do At Home"
R A R E  1952 publication
recreated in digital format
published by 8bitDownloads Publications - 2012 

There's a magic half-hour on television when a goodly audience, composed about equally of adults and children, shuns the cowboy movies, puppet shows and adventures in outer space. This is the time of Mr. Wizard's and his young colleagues, Willy Watson and Betsy Taylor. Theirs is a captive audienceˇ captivated by the wonders of the everyday world which Mr. Wizard's explains so clearly and demonstrates so dramatically.

The wizard is Don Herbert, and his wizardry consists in showing that science can be fun! Now, for the first time in print, Don Herbert allows his following to perform along with him the best of his experiments in science.

In Mr. Wizard's Science Secrets, Don Herbert and the Popular Mechanics Press join to bring you a book of home experiments guaranteed to entertain and mystify your friends, and, more important, to give hours of fun-coated education to your boy or girl!.

Using the simplest of materials and ingredients, many of them now in your kitchen, you can be your own Mr. Wizard's . . . turn wine into water . . . pop popcorn with radiant energy . . . blow up a balloon inside a bottle . . . cause spectacular (but entirely safe) explosions . . . fashion musical instruments from bottles, pins and soda straws . . . make your own home telegraph and telephone systems ... cause water from a faucet to bend mysteriously . . . make mothballs dance . . . perform hundreds more fascinating tricks.

Mr. Wizard's Science Secrets is the perfect gift book for children of all ages. The experiments have been approved by educators and scientists; but more important, they have been applauded by youngsters themselves!

The whole family will enjoy this big, beautiful book. Its 267 thrillpacked pages are richly attractively stamped. It's an ideal book to give or to enrich your library.


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Mr. Wizard's
Science Secrets
by Don Herbert
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