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NATURAL HISTORY of RELIGION rare 1757 publication
NATURAL HISTORY of RELIGION rare 1757 publication
NATURAL HISTORY of RELIGION rare 1757 publication
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David Hume's

Natural History
R A R E  1757 publication
recreated in digital format
published by 8bitDownloads Publications - 2007 

As every enquiry, which regards religion, is of the utmost

importance, there are two questions in particular, which challenge

our attention, to wit, that concerning its foundation in reason, and

that concerning its origin in human nature.


Happily, the first question,

which is the most important, admits of the most obvious,

at least, the clearest solution. The whole frame of nature bespeaks

an intelligent author; and no rational enquirer can, after serious

reflection, suspend his belief a moment with regard to the primary

principles of genuine Theism and Religion. But the other question,

concerning the origin of religion in human nature, is exposed to

some more difficulty. The belief of invisible, intelligent power has

been very generally diffused over the human race, in all places and

in all ages; but it has neither perhaps been so universal as to

admit of no exception, nor has it been, in any degree, uniform in

the ideas, which it has suggested.


Some nations have been discovered,

who entertained no sentiments of Religion, if travellers

and historians may be credited; and no two nations, and scarce any

two men, have ever agreed precisely in the same sentiments.


It would appear, therefore, that this preconception springs not from an

original instinct or primary impression of nature, such as gives

rise to self-love, affection between the sexes, love of progeny,

gratitude, resentment; since every instinct of this kind has been

found absolutely universal in all nations and ages, and has always a

precise determinate object, which it inflexibly pursues.


The first religious principles must be secondary; such as may easily be

perverted by various accidents and causes, and whose operation too,

in some cases, may, by an extraordinary concurrence of

circumstances, be altogether prevented. What those principles are,

which give rise to the original belief, and what those accidents and

causes are, which direct its operation, is the subject of our

present enquiry.


 The north, the south, the east, the

west, give their unanimous testimony to the same fact. What can be

opposed to so full an evidence?


See for yourself the human experience

in an exploration of



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