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Nikola Tesla Electric Genius Expanded eBook Collection
Nikola Tesla Electric Genius Expanded eBook Collection
Nikola Tesla Electric Genius Expanded eBook Collection
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Nikola Tesla Electric Genius

Expanded eBook Collection 

Copyright 2005, 8bitdownloads Publications


Nikola Tesla, the hidden electric genius of the 20th Century.


Is it possible!

Nikola Tesla was a unique thinking individual.  He believed it was possible to extract electricity from the Earth's surface and created a device that did just that.  It was Nikola Tesla that designed electricity plants and worked with Edison to build the first electric plant at Niagara Falls in New York.  History covered up the accomplishments of Nikola Tesla, but the real question is WHY?

Why did the US government conceal Tesla's theories and drawings after his death?

Why was his laboratory destroyed by fire after Tesla's death?

Why did the FBI keep extensive records on Tesla's movements and communications?

Why was this proven technology not used to benefit the people of Earth?

What did the Electricity Corporations do to hide this FREE technology?

Why did the US Government assist in this cover-up?

Did the US Military take advantage of this now SECRET technology?

What is the real story?

Well the real story may remain hidden for generations to come, but over the years a handful of documents and short stories, along with the autobiography of Nikola Tesla have come to light.  These are a collection of those writings, collected together as one pdf electronic book.

After reading this, you may want to climb up to the roof and yell,


What massive changes can take place if the sleeping giant knew this technology was purposely being kept from the American way of life?  And the sleeping giant isn't the US government, its the people of America and the world!

9 eBooks in one ebook instant download



The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

The Man Behind the Mind

The Fight for AC

Free Energy

Tesla's Free Energy (author unknown)

Tesla's Death Ray

His Wildest Dreams

Tesla Maps Out Electrical Future

The Forgotten Genius


Must reading for those who really want to discover the truth.

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