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SHOTGUN How to Use It
SHOTGUN How to Use It
SHOTGUN How to Use It
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When it comes to using a shotgun, knowledge is safety...

Learn things others have not told you yet.


Do you know how the shotgun works?

Do you know about the parts of a shotgun?

Do you know what 'gauge' is and what it means?

Do you know what 'choke' is?

Do you know the firing patterns of your shotgun?

Do you know the techniques of hitting a stationary target?

Do you know about aiming techniques for flying targets?

Do you know how to 'lead' your moving targets?

You get answers to all these questions and more in this informative shotgun (how to) ebook.

amaze others with your



Several sections on HOW TO MAKE THINGS.



Table of Contents


The Shotgun and How to Use It

Part I

How a Shotgun is Made

The Cocking Mechanism of the Hammerless

The Barrels of a Shotgun

Locking the Barrels to the Frame

Shotgun Stocks

The Fore End

Self-Ejector Mechanism

Repeating and Automatic Shotguns

The Gauge, or Size of Bore

Part II

The Choke and Pattern of a Gun

Shooting with Both Eyes Open

The Knack of Hitting a Flying Target

Stationary - Target Practice

Snap and Wing Shooting

Snap-Shooting at Moving Targets

Value of Second Barrel in Shooting

Cleaning and Care of the Gun

Special Interest - Things to Make

Brass Machine Screws with Nuts

Snapper-Shell Ash Tray

A Portable Fire Screen

A Parlor Cue Alley

The Glass-Hat Trick

Hall Seat with Storage Compartment

Putting In Screw Hooks Neatly

Building a Window Ventilator


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