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Songs of COQUI Frog MP3 - free sample
Songs of COQUI Frog MP3 - free sample
Songs of COQUI Frog MP3 - free sample
Item#: songs-of-coqui-frog-mp3--free-sampl


Songs of COQUI
(in the Yunque Rainforest Reserve)
MyNatural Recording Studios

The Coqui gets its name from the sound it makes.


During my stay in Puerto Rico I planned a nights stay high in the Puerto Rico mountains about three miles from the seashore, high in the Yunque Rainforest Reserve. Iíve visited the jungles of Belize but have never spent time in a rainforest. Well I quickly discovered the real meaning of rainforest. The moist winds that blow from the northeast across the Atlantic Ocean hit the shores of Puerto Rico and climb quickly to nearly 4,000 feet. Moisture forms in clouds over the peeks of the mountains creating a deluge of rainfall followed by calm... then more rain again. Thank goodness my one night camping experience was dry after about 6PM. That night after we set up camp we gathered around the lanterns for friendly conversation. Shortly we realized we could not hear one another speak over the songs of the night wildlife.

Our guide said this was the rainy season and mating time of the Coqui. After a long day of rain all the Coqui are out searching for a mate. The bewitching song of the Coqui is made only by the male of the species, and Puerto Rico is reported to be its only natural habitat. The song that rings out in the rainforest night is the captivating mating song which relentlessly stimulates the female Coqui for sexual activity.

The tantalizing song charms the closes female with the hypnotic coo which is irresistible and overpowering to the female Coqui.

We found the story delightful and fascinating, then realized I have thousands of dollars of very good digital recording equipment, so I set up two microphones on tripods about 100 feet apart and captured what I believe to be a mesmerizing recording. The next morning several hours after sunrise I played the recording on the porch of our mountain hut. It was just like the night before. When I turned the recording off, the sounds continued from the trees next to the hut. Hundreds of neighboring Coqui were energized to sing their songs again after hearing the recording. So, it sounds amazingly real! 

Now six and one-half minutes of this amazing experience is available here in MP-3 format. And its an INSTANT DOWNLOAD. Pay with Paypal and within moments you will join my camping party in Puerto Rico, in the Yunkue Mountain Rainforest Reserve listening to the nightlife, crickets and the amazing song of the Coqui.

Play it on your computer, your MP-3, your Ipod, and yes, you can even set it to play continuously during the night while you sleep. Also, play it during your next outdoor gathering for an entertaining transport to the rainforest of Puerto Rico.

Listen to a 15 second sample

and its a
6 1/2 minute MP3 Instant Download
Within a few minutes,
you can be listening to the sounds of the Rainforest Nightlife
GET it now!
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Pay with paypal and
Coqui frogs
in the Puerto Rican Rainforest
will be in churping over the speakers of your computer, MP3 or Ipod 
within minutes. 



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