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Golden Moments of Spirit seeing beyond the veil 24/7
Golden Moments of Spirit   seeing beyond the veil 24/7
Golden Moments of Spirit seeing beyond the veil 24/7
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Golden Moments of Spirit
Seeing beyond the veil twenty-four seven

by B. J. Laabs

248 page PDF eBook
Like crystallized glass ready to drop from a child’s hand, our personal worlds are teetering on the brink of disaster. The daily bombardment of negative world news merges with our own personal agendas and challenges to keep us in a state of constant worry. We worry about our personal lives, especially how to handle change and loss, while we all feel the sadness that surrounds the world today, we are concerned about our country’s great political and economic differences. In particular we wonder whether we have the spiritual strength not just to maintain a healthy emotional link to one another, but to also project the best we have to a world in great need.

With all this stress, it is easy to find ourselves withdrawing into our individual shells because our world doesn’t seem to stop and truly help us find the answers. Basically, man needs a formula of scientific change to guide us to a higher state of being and to also assist us in understanding where we are on the scale of conscious evolution. This subject is being discussed more now, than any other time in human history. We are beginning to understand that we are not flesh and bones; but a mass of energy that responds to our thoughts, either positive or negative, therefore creating our realities.

How amid all this chaos can we survive physically or spiritually so we can cope with a world sitting on the edge of abyss? There is a way and we must start implementing this process of understanding who we really are, and what we can do to change not only ourselves, but our world. There truly is no time to waste, the answers lie within each of us; world survival is about understanding Universal Law, the Hermetic Principles that controls the entire universe. These seven principles fall under the following that I hope you will began to study and apply to your life challenges.
a. The Principle of Mentalism - All is Mind.
b. The Principle of Correspondence - As above, so below; as below, so above
c. The Principle of Vibration - Everything vibrates, nothing rests.
d. The Principle of Polarity - Everything has opposites, everything is dual.
e. The Principle of Rhythm - Everything flows, there are highs and lows.
f. The Principle of Cause and Effect - There is a relationship between every event (the cause) and another event (the effect) which is the consequence of the first.
g. The Principle of Gender - All has it Masculine and Feminine Principles.

Now is the time to investigate these truths and began to applying them to your everyday life, from this, you will discover your own truths, that all is One, when one tosses a stone into a pond, indeed there is a "ripple," effect, therefore, this same principle applies to each and every word and intent that we have. Is it no wonder when we look at our world today why it is imperative that we do not simply discard this as nonsense, but we must take immediate action to begin to reverse the damage that our careless lack of understanding consciousness truly is. The main one I will be emphasizing in this book is "Cause and Effect," but I will be pointing out other laws that affect our being.


Table of Contents 


My Introduction to Spirit

How Spirit Works

Grief and Those on the Other Side

The Great Beyond

Edge of the Unknown

Going with the Flow

Learning to Navigate

A New Path of Life

When Bad Things Happen

Our Responsibility to Ourselves

Our Responsibility to Our Children

Responsibility to Our Country

Responsibility to the World

Final Thoughts

Think of These Things



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