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The HIDDEN LIFE in FREEMASONRY by 3rd Degree Mason
The HIDDEN LIFE in FREEMASONRY by 3rd Degree Mason
The HIDDEN LIFE in FREEMASONRY by 3rd Degree Mason
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The Hidden Life in



C. W. Leadbeater of the 33rd Degree

Originally published in ADYAR MADRAS, INDIA
THE Masonic fellowship differs from all other societies in that candidates for membership have to join in blindfold, and cannot receive much information about it until they actually enter its ranks.  Even then the majority of Masons usually obtain only the most general idea of the meaning of its ceremonies, and seldom penetrate further than an elementary moral interpretation of its principal symbols.  In this book it is the author's objective, while preserving due secrecy upon those matters which mujch be kept secret, to explain something of the deeper meaning and purpose of Freemasonry, in the hope of arousing amoung the Brn. a more profound reverence for that of which they are the custodians and fuller understanding of the mysteries of the Craft.
Although this book is primarily intended for the instruction of members of the Co-Masonic Order, whose desire, as is expressed in their rituals, is to pour the waters of esoteric knowledge into the Masonic vellels, I hope nevertheless that it may appeal to a wider circle, and may perhaps be of use to some of those many Brn. in the masculine Craft who are seeking for a deeper interpretation of Masonic symbolism than is given in the majority of their Lodges.  Showing them that in the rituals which they know and love so well are enshrined splendid ideals and deep spirtual teaching which are of the most absorbing interest to the sutudent of the inner side of life.
The Lodge
The Fittings of the Lodge
Preliminary Ceremonies
The Opening of the Lodge
The Second Degree
The Third Degree
The Higher Degrees
Two Wonderful Rituals
Closing the Lodge
190 PDF Pages

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