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THE REPUBLIC by Plato - 360 BC
THE REPUBLIC by Plato - 360 BC
THE REPUBLIC by Plato - 360 BC
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Plato 360 BC
Translated by Benjamin Jowett
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The Republic is but the third part

of a still larger design which was to have included an ideal

history of Athens, as well as a political and physical philosophy.

The fragment of the Critias has given birth to a world-famous fiction,

second only in importance to the tale of Troy and the Legend of Arthur;

and is said as a fact to have inspired some of the early navigators

of the sixteenth century. This mythical tale, of which the subject

was a history of the wars of the Athenians against the Island

of Atlantis, is supposed to be founded upon an unfinished poem

of Solon, to which it would have stood in the same relation

as the writings of the logographers to the poems of Homer.

It would have told of a struggle for Liberty, intended to represent

the conflict of Persia and Hellas. We may judge from the noble

commencement of the Timaeus, from the fragment of the Critias itself,

and from the third book of the Laws, in what manner Plato would

have treated this high argument. We can only guess why the great

design was abandoned; perhaps because Plato became sensible of some

incongruity in a fictitious history, or because he had lost his

interest in it, or because advancing years forbade the completion

of it; and we may please ourselves with the fancy that had this

imaginary narrative ever been finished, we should have found Plato

himself sympathizing with the struggle for Hellenic independence,

singing a hymn of triumph over Marathon and Salamis, perhaps making

the reflection of Herodotus where he contemplates the growth

of the Athenian empire--"How brave a thing is freedom of speech,

which has made the Athenians so far exceed every other state

of Hellas in greatness!" or, more probably, attributing the victory

to the ancient good order of Athens and to the favor of Apollo and Athene.


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