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The Secret of DIVINE CIVILIZATION by ‘Abdu’’l-Baháá
The Secret of DIVINE CIVILIZATION by ‘Abdu’’l-Baháá
The Secret of DIVINE CIVILIZATION by ‘Abdu’’l-Baháá
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The Secret of
by: ‘Abdu’’l-Baháá
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first English translation in 1875
title: The Secret of Divine Civilization

Searching for a solution to the US involvement in the Middle East?

We as a world people are overlooking the primary undisputed fact,

we cannot tell a people how they should best live their lives and run their government.

We are voices from outside the culture.

Outsiders are seeking to modify, even if that modification is peace and freedom.

We can best serve the people of the Middle East by encouraging them to read,

debate and discuss Islamic wisdom from within.

'Abdu' l-Baha' had a vision for his people after turmoil within over 100 years ago.

That wisdom is profound, and better yet,

 it was authored from within the Islamic community in the Middle East.

Can we, as World People, inspire the people of the Middle East

 to debate the written wisdom from within?


This inspired book, written by and for the people of Persia was known as an

attempt to improve the degraded condition of the people of Persia.

Questions asked are should the people modernize and accept Western

technology and its ways, or reject Western culture and rely on only the

developments of the Persian people and the Islamic world?

If the people of Persia are to govern, than an official document of peace,

trust, and the seeking of wisdom among the Islamic people must be upheld.

But this wisdom must come from within……

‘Abdu’’l-Baháá had such a vision over 100 years ago.

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