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THE THIRD EYE by Lobsang Rampa
THE THIRD EYE by Lobsang Rampa
THE THIRD EYE by Lobsang Rampa
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a 187 page PDF eBook

first published in 1909

published by 8bitDownload Publications 2009

"The story and abilities of this Tibetan lama was unbelivable one hundred years ago,

today we can invision his clear wisdom, and understand his talents and unusual powers 

as we approach a new age of enlightenment."



The autobiography of a Tibetan lama is a unique record

of experience and, as such, inevitably hard to corroborate.

In an attempt to obtain conformation of the Author's statments

the Publishers submitted the manuscript to nearly twenty

readers, all persons of intelligence and experience, some

with special knowledge of the subject. Their opinions were

so contradictory that no positive result emerged. 

Some questioned the accuracy of one section, some of another;

what was doubted by one expert was accepted unquestioningly

 by another. 


The Publishers asked themselves,

was there any expert who had undergone the training of a

Tibetan lama in its most developed forms ?

Was there one who had been brought up in a Tibetan family?

Lobsang Rampa has provided documentary evidence

that he holds medical degrees of the University of Chungking

and in those documents he is described as a Lama of the

Potala Monastery of Lhasa.   The many personal conversations

we have had with him have proved him to be a

man of unusual powers and attainments. Regarding many

aspects of his personal life he has shown a reticence that

was sometimes baffling; but everyone has a right to privacy

and Lobsang Rampa maintains that some concealment is

imposed on him for the safety of his family in Communist-

occupied Tibet.   Indeed, certain details, such as his father's

real position in the Tibetan hierarchy, have been intention-

ally disguised for this purpose.


For these reasons the Author must bear—and willingly

bears—a sole responsibility for the statements made in his

book. We may feel that here and there he exceeds the

bounds of Western credulity, though Western views on the

subject here dealt with can hardly be decisive. None the

less the Publishers believe that the Third Eye is in its essence

an authentic account of the upbringing and training of a

Tibetan boy in his family and in a lamasery. It is in this

spirit that we are publishing the book. Anyone who differs

from us will, we believe, at least agree that the author is

endowed to an exceptional degree with narrative skill and

the power to evoke scenes and characters of absorbing and

unique interest.





I am a Tibetan. One of the few who have reached this strange

Western world. The construction and grammar of this book leave

much to be desired, but I have never had a formal lesson in the

English language. My "School of English" was a Japanese prison

camp, where I learned the language as best I could from English

and American women prisoner patients. Writing in English was

learned by "trial and error".

Now my beloved country is invaded-as predicted-by Com-

munist hordes. For this reason only I have disguised my true name

and that of my friends. Having done so much against Commun-

ism, I know that my friends in Communist countries will suffer if

my identity can be traced. As I have been in Communist, as well

as Japanese hands, I know from personal experience what torture

can do, but it is not about torture that this book is written, but

about a peace-loving country which has been so misunderstood

and greatly misrepresented for so long.


Some of my statements, so I am told, may not be believed.

That is your privilege, but Tibet is a country unknown to the rest

of the world. The man who wrote, of another country, that "the

people rode on turtles in the sea" was laughed to scorn. So were

those who had seen "living-fossil" fish. Yet the latter have recently

been discovered and a specimen taken in a refrigerated aeroplane

to the U.S.A. for study. These men were disbelieved. They were

eventually proved to be truthful and accurate. So will I be.



Written in the Year of the Wood Sheep.


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